In 2015, Cave City joined forces with the White River Regional Solid Waste Management District to bring a first-ever recycling service to our residents. This is part of our larger "Clean Up Cave City" initiative, which also includes a yearly Citywide Cleanup event each spring. With this service in place, our residents are recycling thousands of pounds of material each month that no longer end up in our landfills!

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Recycling makes a real impact by saving resources, reducing energy costs in manufacturing, reducing air and water pollution, minimizing garbage costs, and creating jobs. It is a vital part of making a difference in the quality of our environment, and a wonderful way of teaching our kids about the importance of taking care of the community.

We now have a two trailers parked at City Hall in which you can place your recyclables; one for electronics and one for glass/plastic/cardboard collection.

For questions about recycling in Cave City, contact City Hall at (870) 283-5445 or

For more information about recycling (or to recycle large quantities of electronics), contact White River Regional Solid Waste Management District at (870) 793-5233. You can also visit their website at